Dear customer, we have separated the most frequently asked questions and inserted them in corresponding thematic sections. However, if you have not found answer to your question on the website, call, please, to our operator, pursuant to the RA Legislation on “Defence of rights of consumers”.

1. Why to buy from us??

1) The Buyer can return the goods, if it does not correspond to his expectations or it is damaged.

2) Only qualified goods will be delivered to the Customer: the loss of goods, not corresponding to the Customer’s expectations will be incurred by the rocknroad.am.

The Customers will be provided for the premium service.

2. How to contact with us?

You can contact with us via following means:

Tel: +374 10 20 60 30

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rockroad

E-mail: info@rocknroad.am

3. What are the delivery options?

Delivery of goods is implemented pursuant to the agreement.

You can pay:

- In cash

- Online with ARCA virtual card, as well as with MASTER and VISA cards

- For registering an ARCA virtual card, please, follow the link ARCA

4. How to pay?

If you are going to pay via ARCA/MASTER and VISA cards, then clicking on VISA/MASTER/ARCA logo, you will automatically appear on the corresponding payment page (pic. 1.1), where in free lines you must precisely and identically complete your VISA/MASTER/ARCA cards information. We are also accepting the payments in cash while delivering the goods to the Customer.

5. Whether my confidentiality guaranteed or not?

Definitely yes! Any information that you completed we keep extremely private and we use it exclusively for delivery purpose.

6. What to do if I forgot my password?

Visit here, write the e-mail address, that is being used by you, afterwards the system will automatically send a link to the mentioned e-mail address, by means of which you will be able to insert a new password.

7. Is it possible, that there is incorrectness or false information in goods description?

We cared about whole information, published on our website, including the prices, be precise and appropriate. But there may be exclusive cases, when any false data may exist on the website by some technical reasons. We would like to ask the customer's forgiveness in advance. The detected error will be immediately checked and corrected by the operator. The online-store is empowered to make information alteration at any moment, without preliminary notification.

8. What will happen to the order, if the delivery address is wrong?

Before the order confirmation we ask you to be sure that the mentioned delivery address is correct. Otherwise, the sender will have to contact with you to specify the address. If for some reasons there is no contact with you, the sender will contact to the goods recipient and to specify the address, and if the recipient is unavailable or the contact is not established for some reasons, the sender will return the goods to the shop. After establishing a contact with you and after specifying the address, the delivery in Yerevan will be for free, but as for the regions, the customer will have to pay the delivery sum for the second time.

9. I live in the foreign country. How can I acquire my favourite goods? Will you be able to implement delivery of goods, purchased by me?

We perform delivery within the RA territory.

10. Which kind of data do we need?

Generally it is sufficient to complete only those fields, which are mentioned as obligatory, but additional information will help us to increase the service quality and to satisfy our favourite customers to the extent possible.

11. Is it necessary to register on your website for doing a shopping?

Registering on website rocknroad.am is not obligatory.

12. How much does the delivery cost?

Delivery of orders is implemented pursuant to arrangement.

13. Whom can I apply to, if I am dissatisfied with the quality of goods, service or I have offers?

You can send your complaints with regard to goods or service quality to the company director via following e-mail address: info@rocknroad.am. You can also call by +374 10 20 60 30 telephone number.

14. When can I acquire the goods?

As soon as your preferred assortment is ready, we shall send them from our shop to the address, mentioned by you.

Delivery of orders is implemented pursuant to arrangement.

After the order implementation our administrator will provide corresponding information about its delivery and status.

The delivery is implemented daily.

15. May I order several goods simultaneously?

Sure. You should simply add all the items into the basket and afterwards to order. But the delivery shall be implemented only to one address. If you want to buy several goods and to send them to different addresses, then you should form separate orders for each item.

16. How to return or exchange the purchased item?

We ask you to verify the goods in place at the sender's presence, otherwise after the sender's departure it will be impossible to return or exchange the purchased item.

17. May I implement the payment at the moment of order receiving, if I do not want to pay or I cannot pay online.

Yes, you may. We also accept the payments in cash while delivering the goods to the customer.